Brooklynn is 6!

Nearly a month ago now, (what?!?) Brooklynn turned 6 years old! We planned a ‘framily’ vacation for Memorial Day, and so that we could celebrate her Birthday.

But before we get into those adventures, can we please take a second to pay homage to these beautiful milkshakes we enjoyed, right here in Okinawa?! The night before we left for our small getaway, we decided to enjoy some time on the Sea Wall with friends and ‘Kinzy introduced us to ‘The Shack’. These things were intense, and SO good! One of the things that continually blows my mind about the food here, is that their sweets are never too sweet (or at least in my opinion). They tend to use a lot more cream, real butter, and whole milk, rather than extra sugar. Which is wonderful, and dangerous at the same time.shake

The next morning, we woke up pretty early to catch a bus, over to a ferry that would take us to a nearby island called I.E. The ‘rainy season’ officially started here a few weeks ago, so for the past 2 months or so the weather has been all over the place. May was great for the most part, but June has been SUPER soaked. In fact, just last night parts of our island were under tornado warning (we thought we had left those guys in our past), and landslide warning. The tornados here would be nothing like Oklahoma, and all of the houses are made out of solid concrete, so weather here is a cakewalk compared to Oklahoma.

The ferry ride over was a little damp, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. There were some women from Mainland that were ALL about Blake and Brooklynn. I have a picture somewhere, where the women are actually picking Blake up and taking pictures with him, haha. He was such a trooper.

ferryThe location of the resort we stayed at was just perfect. The beaches were beautiful, and the weather cleared up for the remainder of the time we were there. The tour we paid for actually came with an island tour and admission to Dragon Boat races, but we were honestly having so much fun just hanging out with our friends (and it was raining the day of the tour) that we decided to just stay at the resort and enjoy each other’s company. The only thing I’m sad we didn’t get to do, is there is a huge mountain that you can hike to the top of and have a panoramic view of the island. It was too wet and slippery to hike though.


Blake enjoyed skipping rocks in the ocean and playing croquet. All of the kids loved building hermit crab compounds (more like prisons for those poor, little crustaceans…but whatever) and of course there was the ever present fight between whether we should play at the pool or in the ocean. The kids don’t fully appreciate how gorgeous the beaches are here ;0).

Brooklynn’s Birthday was the second to last day that we were there and the tour guide was SO kind to order her a cake, and they also gave her a cute, little teddy bear. She was just happy to have all of her friends with her 24/7.


The last day we were there Alissa and I rented bicycles to go and get coffee (no surprise there) and ended up being gone for a solid two hours exploring the island. We found the Ernie Pyle monument (a WWII photographer), and a gorgeous little cave that was used as a safe haven during WWII.

Overall our trip was just perfect. The kids had a blast, the adults had a blast and the views were to die for (as usual!)


Typing these blog posts, makes me realize how badly I need to step-up my picture taking game, haha. I always vow to be better, and then get so sucked in with the moment that I completely space.

I have another blog post to get up here shortly, before I forget everything we did on our most recent trip (as I’m sure I forgot the majority of what we did at I.E.).

We love and miss you all,

❤ The Butlers

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