Spring Break 2017

We were so sad to see Spring Break come to an end. Although Garrett stayed super busy with work, the kids and I really enjoyed our time off together, and got to play and relax.

We wandered out to some surrounding islands with friends, for part of our break. I have included the pictures below. The beaches were beautiful. The kids had no issues with delving right into the water. It was still a little too chilly for me, but it was perfect weather to relax and read on the beach.

I have done NOTHING to these pictures. It was truly just this beautiful. Blake was brave and tried a sashimi dish (all raw fish) for lunch. I’m so thankful that he is so adventurous

One of the things that is different in Japan, is that you pay for hotel rooms per person vs. per room stateside. The hotel rates are MUCH higher here, considering the amenities. However you are paying for BEAUTIFUL, beachside views. So I suppose it’s a give and take.

For our other off island adventures, we looked into hotel prices, and they are just astronomical. Most people opt for Air BnB arrangements instead.


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The weather has warmed up a little so it has been nice to be able to spend time at the beaches again. One morning, the kids and I went to breakfast and then hung out at a beach super close to our house for a bit.

The kids and I attended a pottery class where they got to make their own ‘wacky’ animals. We have to wait another two weeks or so to get our finished products back, but I’ll definitely have to post pictures of the finished product when we receive them. They each made an octopus and a turtle.

We have had the chance to discover a few more little cafes over the break with friends. One of our favorites was this cute little cafe called BB Coffee. It was a tiny building (that used to be base housing) that had been re-done. All of the restaurants here are adorable. They are also very pet friendly. The owner’s of this restaurant had this adorable schnauzer. I think that he was blind, and maybe a tad deaf, but the kids loved him.

Friday night we attended an ‘International Wine Festival’ here with some of our friends. We really had a ton of fun!

We enjoyed the rest of the weekend at the beach and we went to one of my favorite restaurants here on the island, that a local friend introduced me to when we first arrived here. I hadn’t been back in a while, but it is the closest thing to Panera I’ve found here. Their pumpkin soup and pastries are PHENOMENAL.

Last but not least, we are gearing up for Blake’s Birthday get away. I think we are both ready to finish up this work week and head out, this week has been INSANE as far as hours. He received a pogo stick from my parents and has been putting it to good use.


I wanted to be sure to document this last week before we head off on our next adventure. Please pray for safe travels.

As always, we love and miss you all and are thankful for the support from all of you.

❤ The Butlers

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