A Whale of a Tale

It’s been a while. We have had a lot of awesome opportunities come our way within the past few months, which we are SO thankful for; but they have left us all with a little less free time to do things like write.
Blake finished up his first Baseball season here in Japan a few weeks ago. His team did a great job, and really progressed quite well as the season continued on.

Garrett has racked up the airline miles like crazy since the New Year began. The poor guy has been home for three whole weeks since Jan 1. So, while I’m excited for our upcoming trips in April, May, June, and July I think he’s ready to spend some time at home.

Brooklynn has hung up her ballet/tap shoes for the time being. She is continuing to do hip-hop, but traded in tap/ballet for gymnastics once again.


The kids and myself have enjoyed our outings with friends. We’ve been back to the zoo (and Blake is headed back, again next week for a field trip) and their new favorite treat is Blue Seal Ice Cream. We held off on this indulgence for the first few months we were here, and probably should have held off even longer because this stuff is DELICIOUS and addictive.


They certainly have some interesting flavors; to include avocado and cheese, and plum flavored ice cream (which is called the Supaiiman…not Superman) haha. We mostly stick with the more traditional flavors, and last time we went I had the German Chocolate ice cream which was to-die-for.

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We had scheduled a Whale Watching Tour two weekends in a row, and the waves were too big, so they ended up cancelling both times. I finally booked through a different company, and we got to go last weekend. There are no words for how awe inspiring this tour was. Our tour guide was a 70 year old local man who Blake made fast friends with. He used to teach English at a local High School and said he led these tours to keep his English in practice. He and Blake had quite a few lengthy conversations ❤

whalesThe tour guides had suggested we all take Dramamine before we go, because the boat gets pretty rocky. Thankfully I did take some beforehand because I still got nauseas even with the Dramamine. The kids couldn’t take any due to age restrictions. They did great for the majority of the time, but after rocking back and forth on the boat for about an hour and a half they both ended up throwing up (a long with quite a few other passengers), but they were both troopers. They did what they had to do, took a nap and were ready to keep going :).

About twenty minutes before we headed back to shore the whales REALLY put on a show. We saw three adult whales and three calves. I got a lot of great shots, but missed one of the best; one of the babies jumped COMPLETELY out of the water…I’m talking his ENTIRE body was in the air…it was so amazing.

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Next time I get around to writing, I’m hoping to write about our newest off island adventure :). We are venturing out for Blake’s 8th Birthday and we are all excited.

As always, we love and miss you all and covet your continued prayers. We are still, daily thankful for the opportunity to be here and to be here with amazing people as well.

Sayonara for now,

❤ The Butlers





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