Mr. Mom

I’m kicking myself for not updating before I left on my Bali vacation like I had planned. I’ll try to remember what we did before then though, and I’m planning on uploading my Bali trip updates according to the day we were there, over the next few days because we squeezed in so many amazing things.

Garrett spent some time in Alaska before I headed on my vacation. He wasn’t there very long, but he did get to see some wild Moose and experience some crazy long flight times. Poor guy was traveling practically as long as he was there, but was happy for the opportunity.



Before  I left, the weather here was still pretty mild (and honestly, I suppose it really still is. I think the high today was 72!?, but we’re so used to hot and humid that we were all in jeans and even had to bust out some jackets for Thanksgiving.

We took the kids to hike in a cute little area about two weeks before Thanksgiving. Apparently there’s a waterfall/stream somewhere? But we spent so much time exploring the other outlook areas etc. that we ended up not even scouting it out in the end.  (You can click on the individual pictures to see them more closely.)

Blake has really been enjoying his golf a lot more lately, so Garrett was so sweet to take both of the kids golfing after we went hiking (I don’t know where these kids get all this insane energy?!?).

…well for some reason my computer has decided to stop letting me save images to upload?! So I will just have to finish my update with what the kiddos and Garrett did while I was gone, a bit later.

Garrett was a total rockstar while I was gone. There was a TON going on between classroom Thanksgiving celebrations, his work, making sure the family we were sponsoring had everything they needed, and preparing for our ‘friendsgiving’ but he did an AMAZING job and I couldn’t be more thankful.

The kiddos had Parent-Teacher conferences the day before I left as well, and they both got great reports. Blake’s classroom has been participating in project-based learning and it has been so refreshing and exciting to see his creativity blossom. His K-3 through First grade teachers gave him such an incredibly strong base for Reading, Writing, and Math, that the timing of the project-based learning could not have been more perfect. God has blessed these kiddos tremendously throughout their school careers. Brooklynn is reading like a champ and got another list of sight words knocked out while I was away (woo hoo! go Dad!)

I will be sure to update tomorrow as well with more pictures from Thanksgiving. I hope all of our friends and family had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. I know I say this all the time, but truly, truly your prayers through our time abroad (and always) have been SO appreciated. This move could have been nothing short of a disaster, but we have been blessed to be surrounded by an amazing group of people =).

We love and miss you all,

❤ The Butlers




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