The calling hasn’t changed.

So many things. SO.MANY.THINGS.I cried last night. I cried for my friends who feel threatened, I cried for a State that I’m not a resident of, but has captured my heart. I cried for my teacher friends (concerning the failure to pass Ok bill 779), my LGBTQ friends, my Muslim friends, the families of sweet babies I have taught who came to this country illegally and are trying to scrape together the money to live and obtain their green card, my own children. But then it hit me….

I’m not going to try to pretend to understand what my friends who feel threatened are going through. I am a woman. My perceived disadvantages stop there. I am a Christian, I am Caucasian, I am so thankful to have had parents and grandparents that have worked incredibly hard to give me a step-up in life. Your struggles will never be struggles that I fully understand. Your worries will never be worries I fully understand. But please know my heart hurts for you, and I hope you can find some solace in the following.

I have two children. Two bright, beautiful, Caucasian children. One of them is a male. Neither of them has a firm grasp, right now, on how lucky or privileged they are. However they are both learning to love and learning to extend grace. My job as a parent is not even close to done and my objective is to raise children who love God first; which in turn means loving people where they are. Showing others the love of Christ in a way that is meaningful to their audience.

My job is to raise children who will stand up for and befriend the children or people who would otherwise be marginalized. To stand by those people and hold their hands and dry their tears when they are feeling threatened or unloved. My job is to raise children who take their privilege and use it for good. My job is to raise children who don’t put a prerequisite on love and kindness.

I pray daily for wisdom for my children. I pray that they will surround themselves with people that challenge them and make them uncomfortable sometimes; People that grow their perspective. That being said; I also pray for discernment. That they would only choose to share their deepest darkest secrets with people who will build them up and encourage them. That they can confide in without worry of it leaving the room. People who will pray with them, ground them, and point them back to their ultimate goal of “being” the church while the world watches and takes note. That objective did not change and will never change with the POTUS.

Am I thrilled with this outcome? No

Am I called to love Trump? Yes

Am I called to forgive Trump? Yes

Am I called to respect Trump? Yes

Am I called to pray for Trump? Without a doubt

Mathew 5:44

1 Timothy 2:1-2

So to all of my friends who are grieving with me this morning, please know that I love you, and I will continue to teach my household, and demonstrate to the children in my classroom (should I choose to go back to teaching) unconditional love. My hope for this nation is in someone so much higher than the presidential office. I hope I never make you feel less than. I hope my children never make you feel less than. We will, inevitably, do something or say something that upsets you at some point, I’m sure, because we are human. But please try to understand where we are coming from, just as we will do the exact same. We are begging for grace. Thank God for grace that covers all and love that covers a multitude of sins. Thank God that it doesn’t matter who is sitting in that Oval Office; my calling is the same. To love. To extend grace. To give and give and give some more ❤️.

As I finish this, I will give my kids their popcorn money, popcorn money for a friend, a kiss on the cheek, a hug around their neck, and a reminder to be kind, even when it hurts.

And to all the moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, caretakers, etc. thank you for continuing to chase our calling to raise loving, considerate, peaceful children ❤️.

One thought on “The calling hasn’t changed.

  1. Thank you beautiful person! I wish more Caucasian friends had a heart like yours. Some dont believe there even is a different struggle. My daughter was told because shes African American she “gets” more you know like more media coverage when things happen.. What??? I pray for you and your family.


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