Exciting Happenings

The Holiday bustle is in full effect around here…even though it certainly doesn’t FEEL like the Holidays. We’ve gotten a break from the humidity (or at least it feels that way), and it has been significantly cooler today the high was 79 with a real feel of 81. It has been a smidge cooler than that though, the past few days.

Of course we celebrated Halloween on Monday! Garrett was supposed to be in Alaska and wasn’t going to get to join us; but things worked out in our favor this time around and he got to leave Tuesday morning instead. He is currently on his way home right now. The poor guy had to fly from Alaska to Denver (?!?!) then to Tokyo, then here. Needless to say, I’m sure he’ll be beat by the time he makes it to our house this evening. I feel like an awful parent, but I don’t have a picture of Brooklynn from Halloween on me…Garrett has one on his phone but he’s out of touch. In true Brooklynn (read fickle) form, she changed her mind about what she wanted to be no less than 58 billion times and then ended up wearing her princess costume from last year, but calling herself a witch…whatever works I suppose..


So I guess I have this blurry picture of Blake as a zombie…I will not be quitting my day job to become a photographer any time soon.

Embarrassingly enough, the only other picture I have is the picture of my pumpkins from Thailand. I guess these and the Okinawan Santas are a big deal around here. These are hand-carved in Thailand and super reasonably priced!


Brooklynn helped me pick them out :).

The kids and I finally ventured out to the zoo here. Brooklynn has been begging to go since we’ve been here and I’ve heard people say they feel like the animals aren’t treated well, and after the fiasco with the Zukeran Mini-Mini Zoo I’ve been staving this visit off. But the weather was nice today, and I put on my big girl panties and decided to deal. I’ve heard rumor that a lot of the animals are rescue animals (not sure if there is truth to this or not?), but overall I felt like they were well cared for and I didn’t leave with my stomach in knots like I did with our first ‘zoo’ visit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really do have a ton more to update on, but honestly I have a few, immediate things I need to take care of! These next few weeks we will be busy preparing for trips, our sponsorship adventure, and of course Thanksgiving.

If you will keep a new business venture in your prayers I would GREATLY appreciate it and of course we’re thinking of all of our friends and family stateside through this crazy election season.

❤ The Butlers




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