Up and Running!


Hallelujah! I finally sat back down to play with this site again and we have success. I’ll continue to play and improve as time allows.

Very sad day here in our neck of the woods; There was another drowning at one of the popular diving and snorkeling sites so until further notice we are not to participate in any ‘open water activities’ :(.

In other, more uplifting news; Today was the first time I walked out of my house with my sunglasses on and they didn’t fog up completely from the heat/humidity. Garrett and I went to dinner (yay for date night!) yesterday evening and we were early for our reservation so we took a stroll on the seawall…I got goosebumps people…real, honest to God, goosebumps because it was chilly…and I was wearing jeans!


This was our one and only picture from date night. The food was okay…I’ve yet to find anything to top our Greek Kitchen though…

Two weekends ago, we spent some time doing more “American things” like casting our absentee ballots, eating at Chili’s, and we were ‘Boo’ed’ by some sweet neighbors so we shopped and returned the favor. For those who aren’t familiar with what being ‘Boo’ed’ is, it’s when an unknown neighbor drops off goodies at your door and you have to do the same to two more neighbors, but it’s all a big secret =).

We did have time to fit in a quick dive trip with our neighbors and their kiddos that weekend as well. We didn’t get to go to the dive spot we had hoped because they weren’t letting people in the water without a dive instructor, so the sea life was way more limited this time. The coolest thing I saw was a 6 legged starfish. The kids had a blast playing with each other though, and thought they were cliff diving off of the rocks on the shore.

The kids celebrated Red Ribbon week this past week and I failed to get a single picture #momfail. Brooklynn participated in a storybook character parade where she dressed up as Fern from “Charlotte’s Web”, the little boy in the picture is her sweet friend Zach. His brother is in Blake’s class, and his mom teaches at their school so she’s gotten to enjoy a few playdates with Zach and his brother. We have been so thankful to have been surrounded by such amazing people.

This past weekend we spent even more time outdoors than usual because the weather was so amazing. Brooklynn was also complaining about being cold when we went to the seawall this morning. The kids had a Birthday party on Friday afternoon (they only had half a day due to a Jimmy Buffet concert on island….what a life…lol) at a beachside playground that had roller slides, caves, and all around gorgeous views. The kids had so much fun running around and were convinced they had found a haunted house (’tis the season I guess).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also went to a botanical gardens area called Bios on the Hill this weekend. There were beautiful orchids, banyan trees, and tons of other flowers and greenery throughout the area. The kids enjoyed the play area and animals as well. One of the things that absolutely blew my mind, was a group of 3/4 year old Japanese children that were there on a field trip. I need to try to sneak  a picture of these cuties, because I run into different groups of them ALL the time during the week. They all wear matching neck, flap hats (I’m assuming so that they’re easy to spot) and they are the most obedient children I have EVER witnessed. There were probably about 30 kids in this group with 3 leaders and the second the teacher asked for their attention they all stopped what they were doing and looked for direction…it was mind blowing. Garrett noticed it as well! Excuse the onslaught of pictures in this slideshow, we went overboard because everything was so beautiful. But you can click the arrows to scroll through the pictures more quickly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, we went to pick up Garrett’s car from the SeaWall and were going to eat at one of the cafes that we thought opened at 9:00. It didn’t open until 10:00 so we got to spend some time watching the surfers and playing at the park near the seawall. I actually go out to that area quite often to run, and I bring the kids out there to play; there’s a sweet lady that picks up trash in the park every, single day and feeds the stray cats. It’s so funny because the cats come out in hordes when they see her because they know it’s feeding time. Garrett got to experience it this time too and got a cute picture of the woman surrounded by her cat friends.

Other than that, we have been preparing for the Holiday season. It does make us sad to not be as close as we have been in the past, so that we could just drive a few hours and see the majority of our family, but we’re thankful for the amazing people here on the island. I hope everyone back home has a safe Halloween!

We love you all,

❤ The Butlers





One thought on “Up and Running!

  1. I loved to read the blog. I liked the boo ed part. At first I thought maybe it was something to do with Halloween until I read on. Lol. Love all the pictures. What a experience for you all. Keep the blog and pictures coming. Love y’all Aunt Andi


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